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Kilkenny Design's festive offerings add an extra sparkle to the holiday season.

  • Gift For Friend Abroad

    Choose from our wonderful array of Irish gifts ideal for sending abroad, a thoughtful gesture to express how much you care and how dearly you miss them.
  • Gifts for Teachers

    Peruse our stunning collection of one-of-a-kind gifts perfect for teachers.
  • Secret Santa

    Make gift-giving effortless with our delightful selection of Secret Santa Christmas gifts that are sure to inspire and delight.

Even more reductions for this special Christmas season!

Handmade in Ireland. The thoughtfulness behind the gift often matters most!

  • Ogham Wishes

    Though distinctly Celtic, Ogham Wish possesses a universal allure. Every Ogham Wish gift is complemented by an explanatory text that delves into the historical significance of the design, making these personalized gifts both culturally rooted and universally resonant.
  • Wild Goose

    A captivating assembly of meticulously handcrafted pieces, crafted with heartfelt dedication in Cork. These creations draw inspiration from Ireland's rich tapestry of mythology and stories, resulting in a collection brimming with unique narratives and cultural essence.
  • Black Hen Design

    These quirky contemporary designs are paired with playful and uplifting titles, adding an extra dimension to their charm. "My inspiration stems from a profound love of nature, infusing each piece with its essence."

The Best of Irish Christmas

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