Green Angel Seaweed Facial Toner

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Description: The Green Angel Seaweed Facial Toner with linden flower and cucumber extracts. Refreshes the skin and improves skin texture by allowing pores to become more elastic and improving the natural oil balance of the skin. 

Contains: Linden Flower, Sage Leaf, Lettuce Leaf and Cucumber Extract, Irish Seaweed Extracts (Bladder Wrack, Toothed Wrack, Carrageen, Knotted Wrack), Sea Lavender Extract, Allantoin
Additional Information: Made in Ireland

Suitable for all skin types.

I will: help refresh the skin and work on its ability to self-cleanse. With regular use, skin pores are helped to become more elastic, helping to stimulate skin circulation and the elimination of toxins. It helps restore the skin’s pH balance after cleansing. Follow by moisturising on damp skin as it helps to keep skin hydrated.

Simply: spritz onto the face and gently remove with colon wool. Also, can be used after applying makeup as a facial mist to help keep a glowy look throughout the day.

Size: 100Ml

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