Pestle & Mortar Recover Eye Cream

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Description: Pestle & Mortar Recover eye cream contains optimal levels of palmitoyl tripeptide-5, an amino acid that boosts collagen production from the inside out. Packed with a host of other beneficial ingredients including Irish moss extract, passionfruit extract, coffee bean extract and beta-carotene, Recover hydrates, protects and restores the skin around the eye area. Fine lines are diminished, puffiness is counteracted and dark circles are reduced. The lightweight formulation is easily absorbed into the skin ensuring fast and visible results.

Size: 15ml


Suitable for all skin types, everyone should incorporate an eye cream into their daily routine to protect and nourish the delicate eye area skin.

I will: Diminish fine lines, improve skin texture, and reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye area. This is a lightweight eye cream that is blended with a cocktail of natural extracts and a superhero active peptide.

Simply: Use a small amount around each eye. Dab around the brow bone & pat in gently. Start at the outer corner and work inwards towards the nose. Apply after cleansing is and pm. 

Suitable for all skin types

I will: Enhance the action of your cleansers so that skin is left feeling super clean and rejuvenated. Simply: Moisten the cloth with warm water and wring out. Use the textured side to remove Erase. Rinse and repeat, using the smooth side to remove Renew. 3 x 100% cotton face cloths