Lennon Courtney at Kilkenny Design

Ireland’s favourite designer collection Lennon Courtney is back in partnership with Kilkenny Design.

Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney have created a transformative lifestyle collection, now available online.

The Natalis Collection

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“Welcome to Lennon Courtney World. Lennon Courtney & Kilkenny Design is a new chapter in our story with a new level of design and quality. In addition to clothing, we have taken our brand into homeware and accessories for the first time ever. There is now something for everyone”

- Brendan Courtney

“This first collection is called Natalis, meaning birth or beginning, and draws on our Pagan past. The clothing is rich and elegant, beautifully made and sensual. The palette is drawn from our natural landscape. Brendan and I have both become incredibly happy spending time in nature, hiking, swimming and running. The collection is an ode to the land and the sea”

- Sonya Lennon