Kinvara Skincare Cleansing Face Oil

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Description: This hot cloth cleanser contains no harsh chemicals, only an innovative blend of skin-loving plant oils to restore balance and cleanse your skin, gently and effectively, without stripping. It also removes make-up, even stubborn mascara, effortlessly. Daily use will leave you feeling fresh-faced, fabulous and a step closer to great skin. Made with 100% plant oils, our no water formulation means this product is free from preservatives of any kind.

o Recommended for all skin types including oily, sensitive & dry skin
o Patch testing recommended
o Dermatologically tested
o Contains sesame
o 100 pumps per 100ml bottle
o Lasts up to 3 months (average customer usage)
o Made using Organic* plant oils (*excluding Watermelon)

o Gentle, non-strip formula
o Cleanses & removes make-up in one easy go – saving you time & money
o Can help balance oil production, especially important for Acne/Oily prone skin
o Uplifting fragrance from a blend of therapeutic grade essential oil
o 100% plant oils mean it is ideal for those looking to use pure, chemical-free skincare

HOW TO APPLY: Warm 1-2 pumps of oil between your hands and massage onto a damp face to cleanse and remove make-up, even mascara. Wash-off with a hot facecloth for a gorgeous clean feel. Follow with toner and moisturiser as appropriate. (Designed for around the eyes, not in them. Should this occur rinse thoroughly with water)

Suitable for: dermatologically tested suitable for all ages and skin types, including oily, sensitive and dry skin.

I will: Cleanse and balance your skin gently and effectively. Made from 100% plant oils. Simply: Warm 2 pumps between your hands, massage onto damp face to remove all make-up including mascara. Wash off with a hot face cloth leaving the skin nourished and cleansed.

Size: 100Ml

TIP: Always apply to a damp face. Massage more the longer you have, your skin will love it. In the morning you might not need a full clean, in that case just wake up your face with a damp hot cloth.