Green Angel Sunset Heaven Body Smoother 400ml

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Description: Green Angel Sunset Heaven Body Smoother is a luxurious product that will refresh, pamper and rejuvenate your body’s skin leaving it smooth and velvety soft. Green Angel Sunset Heaven Smoother has a relaxing combination that will help your body to unwind and relax Massage over the body, then take a refreshing shower (or bath), ahead of that anticipated tough days’ work and be amazed at how much you get through. 

Essential Oils / Active Ingredients: Aqua, Argan Oil, Bladderwrack Extract, Carragheen Extract, Grapeseed Oil, Juniper Oil, Knotted Wrack Extract, Lavender Flower Oil, Marjoram Sweet Oil, Pure Dried Salt, Sea Lavender Extract, Thyme Extract, Toothed Wrack Extract.
Size: 580g
Additional Information: Made in Ireland
Suitable for: All skin types. I will: naturally exfoliate, unclogging pores, helping problematic skin, leaving it wonderfully soft and smooth. Pure organic Lavender, Marjoram and Juniper essential oils make it an outstanding and potent creation.
Simply: Massage gently over the body before taking a tranquil warm bath (or gentle warm shower) which will encourage a restful night’s sleep.