Aliso Face Sculpting Beauty Tool

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Description: Micro Vibration Bar. Our Aliso Vibration bar is a facial massager designed to aid lymphatic drainage, sculpt and contour, and mimic the effects of a facial. Using sonic vibrational technology, the tool is perfect for maximising the results of your skincare routine, reviving and depuffing the skin, and giving you a few moments of relaxation. For best results, use daily in conjunction with a face oil or serum. Rollover masks and creams to increase product absorption.

Directions: To begin: To switch it on, twist the end of the tool to the left. To switch off, twist the end of the tool to the right.

Forehead: Using gentle strokes, move the T-bar upwards.

Cheeks: Begin just above the jaw, rolling under and over each cheekbone, upwards towards the ear.

Lips: Place the tool over your top lip and move it in an upward motion.Jawline: Starting just underneath the chin, move the T-bar along the jawline up towards the ear.

Neck: Using smooth strokes, guide the T-bar in a downwards motion to care for tooltip clean with a dry or moist cloth. Do not wash with water.