This year Kilkenny is working with the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland’s Jewellery and Goldsmithing Course. Una Heelan, Jewellery Buyer for Kilkenny, has selected four recent graduates to create a signature piece and develop a commercial collection around this. These collections are available in Kilkenny Shop Nassau Street exclusively for the month of September. One graduate will be awarded the Kilkenny Bench to Business bursary based on their success in this programme.

Read about these collections below and we invite you to choose your favourite and vote.

Eve Doyle

Eve Doyle’s Entwined collection is inspired by architectural forms which are balanced with natural free flowing textures. Details of 22ct gold are perched at angles, to create playful and contemporary pieces. The asymmetrical compositions of Eve's jewellery plays with your eye, drawing you in, and the pieces seem to change depending on your perspective. This lively contemporary aesthetic is carried through the collection from striking gold earrings to hand forged silver bangles.

Mark Newman


Mark Newman’s Via Jewellery collection is inspired by the systems society has built and their functions. The Via collection is inspired by the many routes you can take on your journey through life, the twists, turns and tribulations we all face and overcome. This all takes form in angular intersecting lines created in silver and highlighted by 22ct gold. This high carat metal is used for its luxurious colour and contrast to silver and emphasises the strong silver lines in the design. It’s not the destination it’s the journey.

David McCauley

David McCauley’s collection Flow is inspired by combining opposing elements and contrasting forms. The challenge of seeking unity and balance in a design is what largely influences his making process. His Flow collection signature neckpiece uses the strength of colour and form of 18ct yellow gold to balance the delicacy of the silver flowing elements. David developed two distinctly different ranges from the one design concept. Gold and silver teardrop earrings are paired with a matching pendant with complimentary pearls. Leaf influenced earrings and pendant in the Flow collection depict strong geometric elements of the design.

Jodie White

Jodie White’s collection Dulaman is inspired by the Irish practice of gathering seaweed, a tradition which has strong links to Irish coastal culture. The design of Jodie’s signature neck piece was taken from sea tangled ocean foliage from the Wild Atlantic coasts of Ireland. Jodie White’s work is influenced by the form and fluidity of living things which have resulted in fine, intricate arrangements that depict movement and growth. Her collection incorporates pearls; the gems of the ocean with silver and 22ct gold plating.