Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs

Recipe of the Month July 2014

Gerry’s July Recipe
Time to get the BBQ out and dust of the cobwebs!! This recipe for Ribs will go down a treat, I guarantee you there will be no leftovers…

You will need

For the Ribs
1 no Pork Belly
3 500g Tins of Hoi Sin Sauce
1 & 750ml of Thin Soy Sauce
1 Bottle of Chinese Rice Wine or Sherry
2 tsp of Chinese Five Spice
200g grams of Grated ginger and Garlic
500g of Soft Brown Sugar

For The Beetroot Slaw
2 Grated Raw Beetroots
2 Grated Apples
100g of Aioli
50g of chopped olives, gherkins and capers
Touch of chardonnay vinegar and Maldon Salt

To Finish
Griddled Veg such as Red Onions, Fennell, Sweet potatoes, Red Peppers

Chef’s Top Tip:
Heat control when using the BBQ is key to success. Fancy gas BBQs have thermometers and controls but for authentic taste use conventional coals. Make sure the coals are white before cooking. Have a sparkling clean cooking grate and ensure the grate can be raised and lowered for control.

Cooking Instructions:

Ask the butcher for a belly of pork and simply cut along each bone into ribs. Mix the marinating ingredients together, cover the ribs and leave overnight. In a braising dish place the ribs and marinate, cover with parchment paper and seal with tin foil. Place in an oven at 120 degrees for 4 hours until the ribs are soft but still holding their shape.

Simply remove the ribs, skim the fat off the liquid and in a pot reduce to a basting consistency. Now the ribs are ready for the BBQ. Ensure your grate is quite high so the heat is not intense. Pop the ribs on and let them warm through basting as often as possible.

The beetroot slaw is fabulous with them. Pop all the ingredients together and mix. To really make an impact throw together an aioli, which is a homemade mayonnaise with a touch of garlic.. Grab a nice deep bowl and pop in 5 egg yolks, a touch of Dijon mustard and a small clove of crushed garlic. Whisk in very slowly a mix of olive oil and vegetable oil aprox 500ml. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice and a little Maldon salt.