It’s the thought that counts, as the old saying goes, so what do you gift someone when you want to show them that you care? There are few gifts that say “I care about you” as perfectly as a wellness gift. You are truly encouraging someone to be happy and healthy when you give the gift of wellness.

The wonderful thing about a wellness gift is that it can come in so many different forms. It can be anything from beauty and skincare to a book of inspirational quotes. It’s not just nice for the recipient of your gift, it’s a nice feeling for you to know that your gift will bring good vibes and little moments of joy and relaxation.


Here are 8 great wellness gift ideas to inspire you.


  • At Home Spa Experience

What could be more relaxing than an at home spa night? Your loved one will adore you for giving them the excuse to indulge themselves. Choose luxury skincare products from award winning brand Voya known and loved by spas around the world. Complement your gift with a set of bath bombs from Dublin Herbalists for a proper bubble bath experience as part of their at home spa.

  • Aromatherapy Approach

Essential oils have been considered to bring a host of benefits from helping you to relax to having antibacterial properties. Browse through our favourite Irish aromatherapy brands such as Yogandha and The Nature of Things who have created all sorts of blends and focuses that make for ideal wellness gifts.

  • Yoga & Exercise Mats

Guaranteed to delight any yoga or exercise lover, gift a yoga mat that they will adore. Whether they go to classes or have an at home routine, a mat is a boost of encouragement to keep doing something that is good for their mind and body.

  • Athleisure

One of the biggest fashion trends that emerged from lockdowns was learning how to dress up or dress down athletic apparel. A series of fantastic new Irish brands hit the market that offer stylish athletic wear like Trendy & Bendy and Powercut. The trend has been dubbed athleisure and the great thing is that it can be worn for exercise, for hanging out at home or for popping on a jacket and enjoying a coffee or brunch with friends. It’s perfect for crossing fashion with wellness for your stylish friend.

  • Feel Good Skincare

It’s the little extras that your loved one might not always splash out on that create a whole routine of wellness around regular skincare. Gifting them eye cream, serums, body oils and all sorts of extras are a great way to help them indulge in self-care.

  • Sleep Well Routines

Irish wellbeing brand BEO have created a whole product range specially designed for encouraging a restful night’s sleep with a relaxing bedtime routine. Giving the gift of a peaceful night’s sleep is a truly caring gift idea.

  • Wellbeing Books

Inspire someone you love to look after their health and wellbeing with our collection of popular wellbeing books. This includes everything from journals to self care cookbooks.

  • Create An Atmosphere

There is one habit that everybody loves when it comes to self-care and that is lighting up a candle. It not only creates a good vibe from wafting favourite fragrances around the room but also creates a relaxing mood when you lower the lights and enjoy the flicker of the candlelight.

For more wellness gift ideas visit our Beauty & Wellness section at Kilkenny Design.