spa night valentines

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

In a busy world there can sometimes be nothing more enjoyable than stopping still long enough to have some well deserved “me time”. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put a date in your diary with yourself. Set your phone to silent and create your own little world for one special evening of self-care.

white candle Rathbornes

Create the perfect atmosphere

Start the evening off by pressing play on whatever music you love to listen to help you relax and feel good. Turn on the heating or light a stove if you really want a cosy vibe. Light your little world up with candles smelling of all of your favourite fragrances. For a real luxury feel to your evening choose Rathbornes Botanical Bee Camomile & Mimosa Candle or breathe in a beautiful ambience with essential oils in a Jo Browne Bamboo Diffuser.

running a bubble bath

Indulge in a DIY spa night

While we all have the best of intentions with our skin, it’s not too often that we really get time to do a head to toe skincare routine. One of the absolute best things you can do for a spa night is to have a good old fashioned bubble bath. Run some warm water and pop in a bath bomb and bath salts or go all out with your own personal seaweed bath using Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath. Get ready for your bath by removing the day’s battle against the elements from your skin with Jo Browne Facial Cleansing Balm, simply melt the balm between your fingertips and remove with a warm cloth. Hop into the bath and enjoy the relaxation. After your bath, replenish your body’s moisture with some body oil. Gently wash your face and apply a layer of serum and eye cream. One of our customer favourites for these products is Pestle & Mortar who use nourishing extracts in combination with high performance active ingredients that will give your skin a healthy boost. Finish off with some moisturiser and slip into your comfiest clothes.

wine and cheese board

Wine & cheese o’clock

There are few indulgences so easy and so effective as a cheese board with all your favourite cheeses to nibble on with some crackers and grapes. Invest in a proper quality cheese board from Ballyshane perfect for whipping out when you are the hostess to friends or family. Dress it up nicely and ensure you have a bottle of your favourite wine close to hand to enjoy with your little feast. Go all out with fancy new wine glasses to sip your from too.

sleep mask and silk pillow

Snuggle up and unwind

Top your relaxing evening and good vibes off by snuggling up on the couch or in bed with a warm woolly throw. Wind down with a classic movie you love to watch or a new book to immerse yourself in, whatever sounds like the ideal end to the perfect evening to you. Send yourself off to a good night’s sleep with a little spritz of pillow mist and shut the world out with a silk eye mask.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day with Kilkenny Design