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Few places on earth offer the lively atmosphere of an Irish pub. The character of an Irish pub is recreated in Irish bars all over the world and are instantly recognisable from the big heavy wooden bar to the cosy “snugs” for those who want a quiet corner to sup their pints to the mismatching Irish artefacts relating to Irish places, favourite stout or whiskey brands and gaelic sports teams placed here, there and everywhere.

Of course the Irish pub atmosphere is so much more than the physical appearance, it’s all about the Irish charm. Few cultures around the world socialise so fluidly, when you visit an Irish pub prepare to talk to anyone and prepare to talk to everyone. Famous for playing traditional music that invites you to be pulled onto the dancefloor at any moment. It’s a hub of story-telling and of laughter and singing.

That’s why Irish pub art is to be found all around the world in memory of a unique visit to one of these authentic establishments. Irish artist Jim Scully wonderfully captures the exteriors of Ireland’s most famous pubs in his collection of Dublin Pubs. Using a mixed media technique of fine nibbed dip pens with indian ink and watercolour paint, Jim creates the depth and vibrancy that these buildings deserve. 

Choose an Irish pub painting for your wall at home to keep Ireland close to your heart or gift an Irish pub painting to someone you know will cherish it.

Here are 5 Irish pub paintings that capture Irish charm.

Jim Scully Toners Portrait Frame

Established in 1734 on Baggot Street, Toners is one of Ireland’s oldest and most famous pubs.

Jim Scully The Temple Bar Portrait Frame

In the heart of Ireland’s most famous pub district of Temple Bar, the Temple Bar pub is a rite of passage during any trip to Ireland’s capital city.

Jim Scully O'Donoghues Portrait Frame

Situated only two minutes from the famous St. Stephen’s Green landmark, O’Donoghues pub is a hive of energy favoured for lunch or after work drinks.

Jim Scully Mc Daids Portrait Frame

A pub that holds an unusual history starting off as a city morgue, then being used as a chapel, nowadays a favourite Dublin city pub.

Jim Scully Doheny and Nesbitts Portrait Frame

Still retaining the old tradition of being a family run Irish pub, Doheny and Nesbitts is another Baggot Street favourite. Established in 1867, the old Irish pub is regularly visited by politicians, journalists and food and drink experts.